CPPD denial and appeal

A few years ago I got cancer and was treated successfully. However I fell very ill shortly afterwards. I was off work for quite some time and the financial struggle was very real. I decided to take early CPP to help myself and my family with the bills. My health was greatly compromised and after taking early CPP for a year I met with my doctor and told him the struggle to keep working was very real and asked him to sign the paperwork so I could file for CPPD. He said yes but stressed that I needed to take some tests so that I would not have a problem with CPPD. It took a few months to be scheduled, do the tests, and get the results. My doctor signed the paperwork and sent it off. A few months later I received paperwork stating that I had been denied because I had applied after being on early CPP for 15 months. I sent in the appeal papers and was denied. I am not sure which way to go. I am looking for suggestions. I can appeal again but I am sure it will be with the same result. I have talked to a couple of lawyers and not one seems to have heard of this. I would appreciate any help

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