CPP Disability Benefit Denied? Next step?

I’m working on assisting my father with his claim.

He started receiving CPP retirement pension in February of 2015. At that time, he was still working to the best of his ability until July 2016. He fell ill in July and was in the hospital for close to 4 months. After being discharged from the hospital, his medical condition will not allow him to work. All of the appropriate medical documents have been provided by his doctor for disability.

It took some time to apply for the CPP disability benefit while he was focusing on his health issues, and his application has recently denied. In the letter from Service Canada it states:

“If you apply for Canada Pension Plan disability benefit more than 15 months after you start receiving a Canada Pension Plan retirement pension, we cannot change the retirement pension to a disability benefit. The information in your file shows that you have been receiving a retirement pension since February 2015 and that you applied for a disability benefit more than 15 months after that date. Therefore, you cannot receive the disability benefit.”

What should his next steps be? Is there anything he can do? Just looking for a bit of guidance.


Unfortunately there is nothing you can do. This is one of the drawbacks of taking early CPP-R.