CPPD application status update

I mailed out my CPPD application on July10 using Xpresspost, tracking shows mail has been out for delivery since July11, no further update. MSCA doesn’t have any update about my application. How long does it take for an application status update? Really worried about my application gets lost during delivery.

Thank you

I would phone Canada Post.
Isn’t Express Post 2-3 days?

Good luck.

Yes, I phoned Canada Post and they said when a large volume of mail is received by a company/institution, it is grouped into a mail bag or container. The mail is then either delivered by Canada Post to the company’s/institution’s mailroom, or picked up by the company/institution itself directly from a Canada Post facility. Delivery scans may not be available for some individual items. Once the item is handed over to the institution, no additional Tracking scans are recorded :frowning_face:

The tracking should say delivered.
Can you see if the application status online (Service Canada online) says in progress.
I would phone Service Canada and ask if you should resend it.
I delivered my application in person but it doesn’t surprise me there is no update (I am worried though but it might take a few months to be processed).
I got a stamp because I dropped off my application.
I understand how you want to know if it was received.
I don’t think Canada Post loses mail very often. :slight_smile:
I would do whatever Service Canada advises (maybe it should be resent requiring a signature on delivery or maybe just wait).
I wish you luck.

I applied in February and I’ve just gotten an answer to my application this week.


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Did you mail in the application?