CPPD Application & Retroactive Payment Question

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I have a question regarding CPP disability payments. I am applying for the CPP disability and have all of my medical forms filled out by my doctor stating that I have a severe and prolonged disability and unable to work now or in the future. The date of the onset of my disability is January 2017 - as agreed by both my doctor and I (if not before, I have been struggling for 10 years with Major Depressive Disorder, GAD, PTSD, Agoraphobia and Insomnia. However, I continued to try to work off and on during this time unsuccessfully because of my illness (6 jobs in 2 years). That being said, my last day with my last employer was September 2019. When asked on the application when I believed that I could no longer work because of disability, I concurred with the January 2017 which also is in alignment with my diagnosis’, medical records and medications at the time. But because I was not aware of the CPP Disability Assistance, I pushed myself to try to work due to financial strain although I was very sick throughout. Most of my positions only lasted a month to a few months due to the symptoms of my illness and inability to do my job(s) correctly.

My question is this: Is the initial date of disability determined by 1) When my medical records/ doctor/ evidence supports the fact that I was disabled in January 2017 or 2) The last day I worked at any job because of my disability?

If I was deemed to be disabled in 2017, would I still receive retroactive payments for the 11 months after the 4 month wait from the date of the onset of my disability? OR, would I not be entitled to retroactive payments?

Further, with respect to CPP Contributions. If the 6 years prior to the onset of my disability are taken into consideration for eligibility and If I did not contribute for 2 of those years because I was not working and caring for my newborn son will I qualify for the Chid-rearing Provision? If so, how does that work?

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I think it is the date on the medical form.
My dates were the same.
I applied years ago so it might have changed plus my memory is not very good sometimes.
Sorry I’m not helpful.
Good luck though, i hope you get 11 months back.

In my CPPD forms I used the date when I stopped working although my health problems started 5 years earlier and I worked all those years. You can probably write January 2017. But the form will ask you about the last day at work. I guess it will be up to Service Canada to decide what day to approve you from.

Yes, you will. If you approved from January 2017 then you’ll receive retro pay from around April-May up to the day you are approved in 2020.

You can always call Service Canada if you have questions at 1-800-277-9914

I was trying but failing to work for a few months. My HR department and the insurer agreed it should be backdated to the start of those few months. I have no idea how that discussion went as I was way too sick at the time to participate in any kind of discussion.