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Dear Friends,
I need your help. I was approved to continuation beyond 2 years mark and was told to apply to CPPD. I already signed and send appropriate forms to my insurer. Now I am in a process to fill an application form. And here is my problem, I procrastinate, I cant force myself to write anything about my condition. I already read all your posts and downloaded Davids book. I still cant do it. Its a mental block, when I think about doing it, my mental health just deteriorating and I need to spent a lot of efforts to calm myself. Just thinking about it triggers my anxiety and brings a panic attack. What can I do? How do I find a help to help me with this unpleasant but essential task? I am willing to pay for somebody to help me. Tried to talk to my family, but everyone is thinking I am overreacting and no-one offers any help. Feeling stuck and starting to panic. And also English is my second language and I feel not adequate to do it.

Hi Lottie,

You should definitely apply for CPPD even though you passed the 2 year mark on your LTD for a few reason. 1) you never know if you case manager with your LTD provider will change and they may reassess our claim 2) once approved for CPPD your regular CPP pension at 65 will be much higher. I sent you a private message with some more information.

Hi, it was a very emotional process for me to fill out the applications too. It meant facing out loud what I desperately wanted to not be true. Here is how I approached it.

I used word processing software to type out my answers, numbered for each question on the form, and then I printed it out and attached it to the form. I sat down to look at just one question. I jotted down notes beside the question, wiped my tears and did something else for a while. I did this one question at a time. If I wasn’t sure what to say I talked through the answer with someone close to me. As we talked I jotted down notes of that conversation. They actually remembered some things that I had forgotten about that strengthened my application. After I had notes for each question I went back and edited it to be clearer but I found that a lot easier after I had ideas of what to write. I could face one question but not the whole form.

Good luck.

We do have a service here at Resolute Legal for filling out and filing a CPP application for someone in your situation. You could also call in for a free consultation and we could send you some information for resources in your area. Just ask for Jen.

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Get a relative to fill it out or call Resolute Legal.