Assistance with CPP-D application

Is anyone aware of a service that will help you submit for CPP-D right from the very beginning? I see lots of places that will help with appeals but not anything that will complete the initial application.

I’m off work because of severe depression and PTSD. Apparently I also have autism (this was diagnosed by one of the psychiatrists I was sent to for assessment of the other two conditions). Doing any kind of work that requires focus is just beyond me. I have tried to complete the application form for CPP-D a few times and as soon as anything a bit confusing or difficult comes up I just can’t cope. But I need to get this application in.

I have no one in my life who would be able to assist with this (my main support is not from Canada, does not understand how to complete these forms, and his first language is neither English nor French). Is there any company that will assist me with this (and preferably accept being paid once I’ve been approved)?

I am just completely overwhelmed by this.


I understand how overwhelming it may seem. Have you tried doing just 1 page at a time? The entire package seems very overwhelming, but it’s actually quite do-able. You could print it off and just sit down with 1 page and complete it. Or, you could do the easy parts first (like filling out your name, your work history, etc) and then if there’s difficult parts you could ask for help here. I’d be happy to assist you with any questions you have (you can message me if you want). There’s also lots of step-by-step guides online with directions how to fill them out. For instance, the link below literally goes through each step 1 by 1 and explains what each box is for and how to fill it out. This may be helpful.

But to answer your question, sorry, I do not have an answer to that (RE: paying someone to do it). Although, I am sure there are services out there. If you do go that way, I would recommend paying someone hourly and not a %. It should take no more than maybe 2-3 hours to assist you in filling it out, maximum. Was there a certain part of the document in particular that you find the most overwhelming?

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Resolute Legal does offer representation for CPP disability applications. You can schedule a free consultation using the link below. We can gather more information and determine if we can represent you in your CPPD application.

DCAC - Disability Claims Advocacy Clinic
This firm helped me but it was paid for by my LTD insurer.