Questions re CPP-D application while pending

I’ve recent started a new application for cpp d. I previously applied in 2020/21 and was denied after two attempts. My doctor didn’t do a great job on the paperwork and my health issues were still developing.

With my new application I now have several confirmed chronic illnesses. Nothing terminal. With the combination of illnesses I am unable to work.

In my most recent new application I have submitted completed medical reports from my family doc, and 3 specialists. Each one has indicated that they do not expect me to return to work.

Has anyone been denied even with the support of multiple doctors reports indicating this?

Thanks for your help! Just curious while I wait.

I don’t know the deadlines but I would get the free consult and see if you should do anything else.

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Jammer makes a good point. Know your timelines and make sure you don’t miss anything, i.e. working/contributing to CPP in 4 of last 6 years etc. Yes, take the free consultation with Resolute Legal before you finalize your application.

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I was recently approved but waited 8.5 months, its not a fast process. They asked fir my whole file from my rheumatologist and also i had a telephone interview which was quite intense. I wish you the best. Im now waiting on a decision from CRA For DTC.

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You should check out our Insiders Membership Area! We have a free course on applying for CPP disability. It has videos and materials to help workshop the application process.

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