Cpp disability eligibility

When applying for cpp disability does your a common law partners income become a factor in your eligibility. Thank you

No. Only your personal contributions are considered for eligibility for CPP Disability benefits.

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I have just received a letter from Health Canada approving for a medical retirement on a permanent disability. can I send this as proof for CPP disability?

Is Health Canada your employer?

Yes, you should send Service Canada a copy of the letter form Health Canada which confirmed you being approved for “medical retirement” under the Federal Public Service Pension Plan. It would be better if you could ge a copy of the report your doctor filled out and that was sent to Health Canada. That would be much better evidence. Being awarded disability benefits from one program (in this case Federal Public Service Pension Plan) is not evidence or proof of disability. But, it is circumstantial evidence that is worth including. For others who made read this, Health Canada adjudicates applications for “medical retirement” benefits under the Federal Public Service Pension Plan, much like Service Canada adjudicates CPP-D applications. Two separate programs.

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