Not sure if I am eligible for CPP Disability?


I have been on PWD in British Columbia since Nov 2009. It was recommended to me to apply for Cpp disability at that time but I was bound and determined to get better… but nope!!! But hey at least I tried :cry: I just recently went off of Pwd, for 15 months and have had to go back on it as I was diagnosed with PTSD and my anxiety has returned worse than it was when I was diagnosed. Thankfully they never closed my file and helped me immediately when I contacted them and unfortunately I cannot for see this going away or getting better any time soon. And if I am eligible could you help me by telling me what is needed to apply?? I thank you for your help and info.


Sounds like you would be eligible.

You need the support of a doctor to say you can’t work at any job and will never improve.


Wait for an expert advice. Meanwhile you can check the below link.

It depends on whether you made enough contributions besides having severe and prolonged illness.

You are eligible if you made enough contributions in the last 3-4 out of 6 years. There are some provisions for late applicants that contributed to cpp before going on disability. But you went back to work for 15 month which can be a problem.


Why is it a problem if the OP finally left work due to a disability.
I forgot about the contributions.
Check the website Elaine posted.


Eligibility for CPP-D is based on both 1) Meeting Contribution Requirement and 2) Meeting disability requirement. Setting aside the issue of the disability requirement, the key issue you would have is meeting the "contribution requirement. You must have contributed 3 of 6 years at the time you left work to go on disability. If the disability date is taken from your recent return to work, then you won’t meet the 3 of 6 years criteria. If you met the 3 of 6 criteria back in 2009, then you would need to fight to have your date of disability assessed back then (2009) and have recent return to work not counted against you.

The first step is to figure of if you would even meet the contribution criteria based on when you went off work back in 2009. You need to get a statement of contributions from Service Canada to figure this out.

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I already got that 6 years ago!


Thank you very much and I am assuming that my answer would be no as I was on just normal s.s. benefits for 4 years before that!! Have a great weekend and once again thank you