CPPD and Company pension

Dear Mr. Brannen,

I hope this message finds you well. I am seeking clarification regarding the potential impact of receiving a company disability pension on my CPP disability benefits which I was told is likely to be approved.

As I approach my 58th birthday in June, I am considering accessing my company pension, which I have been eligible for since turning 55. However, I am uncertain whether and when I apply for the company pension and If that will affect my monthly CPP disability cheque.

I understand that you previously addressed a similar inquiry from Niluma: Receiving company pension and CPP disabilty - #2 by David_Brannen, and I appreciate your insight. However, my situation differs slightly. Given my disability, I have the option to apply for the company pension through a disability application, enabling me to receive 100% of the pension amount.

My specific concern pertains to whether applying for the company pension through the disability route alters the nature of the income received, potentially making it subject to offset from my CPP disability benefits.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance or clarification you can provide on this matter. Thank you for your attention to my inquiry.

Warm regards,

Thanks Mr. Brannen,

Just FYI David spins by every few weeks, it could be a while. You could ask for a free consultation if you need help sooner.