CPP-Disability benefits - how many needed to provide additional information?


I’m wondering how many of you needed to provide further information for your claim prior to getting an approval or denial? Mine has been in progress for 2 months and so far I’ve had no request to provide anything more than what was submitted with my initial application (specialist reports, occupational therapy evaluation, medical testing, other supporting docs).


2 months is way to long not to be updated. I would apply for sickness EI to ensure some income is coming in-if approved you just have to pay it back.

My spouse was with GWL-had 3 different claims-all approved within two weeks. 2 months is too long.


Mine CPP-D claim wasn’t updated for 4 months.
It went from “in progress” to “complete”.


I’ve been fighting for LTD with my insurance company for over a year, two weeks would be a fantasy. :laughing: As for CPP-D, the average time frame that they tell you is 4 months. I was just wondering at what point people are generally asked for any additional info or clarification, if any is needed.


Sorry-I misread what you were asking. Not sure what the CPP-D timeframe is but we were approved just before 4 month mark.


I was not asked to send any additional info. CPP-D Nurse called me prior to approval and asked if anything significant had changed with my condition, then I was approved shortly after.


Thanks! Since we sign that medical release form, I was wondering how many people have had more info requested prior to a decision or if that was uncommon. :blush: I know every case is different however.


I don’t know if they asked my doctor for any more information.
I suspect they don’t even start processing the application until the 4 month mark.
You could phone them at 4 months and ask if they need any more information.