CPP Disability Application Workbook - Coming Soon

I am happy to announce that we will be publishing The CPP Disability Application Workbook next month (September 2019). This is a companion workbook to my earlier book: The Beginner’s Guide to CPP Disability.

The Beginner Guide focused on strategy and the CPP program as a whole, but this Workbook will dive deep into the CPP Application. It takes you through the New Application Form line-by-line and has exercises and checklists to help you do a better job filling it out. It also includes chapters on telling your story, gathering supporting evidence, how to prepare for interviews with the Service Canada Medical Adjudicator, and how to prepare a cover letter for the application. It also comes with sample applications, template letters, etc

Our CPP team basically came up with every possible thing we think a person would need to maximize their chances of success when doing their own CPP Application.

I am very proud of this workbook and can’t want for it to be published. It will be on Amazon.ca and also our firm’s website.


Here is the table of contents so you can see what it includes: