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Hi, My name is Kathy & I had a stroke in May 2016. I filed for CPP Disability after my EI sick benefits ran out in Sept. I filled out all the paperwork & my Dr filled out his part. Not having your blueprint before I filed meant that I would wait for 6 months to get a NO !

After receiving your blueprint & it said to tell “My Story” & include all medical reports that help with proving my case, I did just that, I included my 11 page story in a document done up with 44 exhibits (medical reports) that they did not see because they did not know those reports existed. I got accepted once they had all the info


Thanks for sharing! I am sorry that you had a stroke and had to apply for CPP-D although happy to hear that David’s blueprint led to your success. I do think he should set up a donation link or charge $5 for each of his books to cover the costs.

My husband is waiting for a decision (first try). We sent end of March, received the letter that his application has been received but no phone call yet to tell us if it has moved onto the medical adjudication part.

Can you tell me if in your first try if you received any phone calls about your application? And it really took 6 months to get a no? What reason did they give? (If you don’t mind sharing, I am just curious if they gave any details or just a one liner)


Wow Kathy. I am glad to hear blueprint worked for you. I always love to hear good news stories like this!

My mission in starting Resolute Legal was to be able to make a real difference in helping people even the odds with disability claims. I decided early on that publishing quality free information was one of the things we could do to make the biggest impact.

The books will always be free (to the DIY’ers) as long as I run the company:)


I used both of David’s books on LTD and CPP-D and recommended other people too.

The information in the books is very generous. Always have them closeby on my bookshelf for reference. Thank you, David!


On my original claim I only sent in the paperwork that they required but nothing else.
Their rule was 6 months for an original answer & 3 months for the appeal answer but that rule was suppose to be changed to 3 months for original & 1 month for appeal.
I filed first couple of weeks of sept, so come early march , i decided to call & they told me that they had sent out a letter telling me that I was denied. Took me 3 months to put the document together along with the help of a wonderful social worker who helps people with appeals, she is great at grammar, etc.
Davids book was the life saver I needed. I mailed in my 50 some page document with my story in my words (instead of just the basic paperwork they require) & they called me within the week to inform me that I was approved. I have 10 years experience doin up court documents for family court (thank God or I dont know if I would have done as good a job) Davids Book & the help of someone who can look with fresh eyes for grammar etc was wonderful. I am VERY THANKFUL, it has been a hard go.
1st try I received paperwork telling me that they had sent paperwork to my dr for more info, (cause there is not enough info in that paperwork for anyone to make a proper decision)
Hope this helps


I commend you David, you are doin a GREAT service for people by supplying your book, You have helped make a BIG difference for me & I am sure for so many others also. May God look kindly on you for your extremely good deed & well done. Thank you so much David


I applied for CPP-D first week of Sept, I received 1 letter telling me that they had asked my Dr for more info (not saying what info) & that they were waiting to hear back from him, but that was in the first couple months, I did not hear again until I called end of Feb to ask where it was at, that is when they told me that the letter telling me that I was denied. the letter was dated Feb 8th. I had moved so the letter got lost in the shuffle somehow ( that’s for a different topic) but that was the day I got on line trying to figure out what to do, I was fortunate enough to come upon Davids blueprint. I followed his instruction & wrote out my story, explained in MY words what happened, how I was feeling, etc. it does make it easier for someone to understand where you are coming from when they hear it from you rather than from medical terminology & no personal info input.

1 of the reasons they said no was cause I did not prove my Dr had prescribed me pain meds, BUT in the Medical Adjudicators report under PHYSICIANS it stated pain meds prescribed, & under MEDICATIONS it showed the pain med by name. They see what they want & dont see what they dont want to I guess. They just dont want to pay, so your story tells them in better words (your words) what is going on & helps them to see better than just some medical words on papers.

I had a n 11 page letter along with 44 pieces of info that they never saw or never asked for. I have experience doin up documents for family court so that is the kind of document I did up, it is quite impressive people tell me & I am very proud of it because I didnt know if I could do it, It took me 3 months instead of a couple weeks to do up the document because it was a big challenge because of my memory problems, but I managed, I impressed them I guess for them to give me a"YES" (2 days after they received the document) they called me to tell me I had been approved. I have received my back pay back to Sept, & got my 1st payment yesterday

Your appeal gives you the chance to tell your story your way you want them to hear it.I also got approved for the disability Tax Credit, all this sure helped with the financial stress we were having

I also had the help of a social worker, my husband & 1 of my daughters to help with proof reading & editing. (as I repeat myself, forgetting what I wrote earlier & would write it again). It was a Stressful time but I am so happy that I suck to it.

Hope this helps.


I was denied cppd and want to appeal. How do I do this. Do I fill out the application again. Also I didn’t photocopy any of the medical reports I sent or the part of the app he filled out. Will the government send them back again.


Hi Kelly, the denial letter you got from Service Canada contains all the instructions for how to appeal. You must do so within 90 days of receiving the denial letter. I recommend you order a free copy of our Guide on Appealing CPP Disability for a more detailed review on appeals and tips for improving your chances of success.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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