Concerned about new GP assessing me for treatment, potential RTW

If this is too off-topic I will delete it no problem, but I need to get it out there.

I had an amazing GP for 25 years, from when I was a kid, to when she decided to go to part-time, which unfortunately for me meant her leaving our clinic and taking a retiring doctor’s clients. She was an amazing physician and advocate and fought for me regarding my disability applications, appeals, and case. In the interim until they found someone to take her patients permanently, I was fortunate to get an equally amazing doctor who not only immediately made himself up to date on my situation and years of history, but who himself had suffered from the same medical condition as me in the past. Again, wonderful advocate and person.

I saw my new GP for the first time last month, and I am disheartened. I know I need to give her a chance as they have a brand new workload and can’t just know me right off the bat. But little things just made me feel like I was talking but not being heard. She wouldn’t prescribe a med I’ve been taking because her ‘old patients never tried it for my condition’, so I need my specialist to either do it or refer me to another GP to prescribe it. This isn’t an opioid or other ‘problem’ drug, just one that has actually been helping me. Ok that’s her choice. She also wouldn’t fill out the DTC form that CPP-D told me to try applying for, even if I didn’t fit the straight-forward criteria. She just said I wouldn’t qualify. I left feeling deflated about our appointment.

I get that doctors are all different, and I happened to be very lucky with the level of understanding and experience of the other two. However, I will be seeing my new one again soon and as my leave from work is nearing a deadline, she’ll be the one I need to assess me, make recommendations regarding whether I’m ready for a return-to-work plan, write a letter for me to provide, etc. at this appointment. So essentially I’m a pile of anxiety that she won’t be able to deal with this on my behalf. My biggest fear is going back to work too soon and failing. My physical health problems have led to a lot of anxiety, and as much as I want to be ready to try some sort of return, I don’t feel that I’m there yet.

TL;DR: I have a new GP that does not have the history with me of my previous doctors, and I am worried about how this will affect my leave situation, communicating with my workplace, not to mention being able to assess my status and provide treatment. If you read this, thank you.

Can you switch to your old doctor or the temp doctor?
Are they too far?

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Hey Jammer,

Unfortunately my old doc took on a retiring one’s part-time patient load, and was unable to keep her old patients. It’s been a year and a half now since she left. My temporary doc unfortunately passed away in a vehicle collision this past summer, or I would have done anything to stay as his patient! I suppose I could look into having my specialist do an overview, however they generally ask for updates from a GP.

Maybe your specialist can recommend a new gp.

Sorry to hear about your previous doctors. Very sad about the 2nd one.

Have you spoken to your doctor about how you are feeling?

When I first went off work I had a few issues where I felt I wasn’t being listened too by my doctor (one being bronchitis and being told I was fine). I practiced and wrote down what I wanted to say to him and how I felt I wasn’t being heard. That when he dismisses how I am feeling I start to dismiss how I am feeling. It actually worked out really well. I feel he hears me now.

I found that doctor’s make you responsible for your health but never include you in the plan and it can be frustrating.

I think you need her on your side and since you don’t know her very well you may have to jump through some hoops until you guys can work together. You’re not her other patients - just because they didn’t use that medication doesn’t mean that it isn’t working for you. If your specialist would prescribe it ask your family doctor if she would be comfortable prescribing this medication if it was supported by your specialist.


Can you be referred to another Doctor? The DTC -she should fill it out as it is Service Canada that decides entitlement. If you have multiple impairments that can qualify you.

Go with your gut…maybe she was having an off day…or she could have a bias to patients that are receiving disability.

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I think what I’ll do is make an appointment with my specialist and go over my situation, and if nothing more she can send my GP her assessment report and any advice, which will then be on file. My specialist hasn’t been with me through my whole medical journey, but she has been with me for a couple of years - and she’s the one who is the expert in that area, after all. Seems obvious, but I’ve been letting stress take over logic, apparently!

Thanks so much, @glog88 - he was a highly educated and truly kind person who did and would have continued to do a lot of good in the world.

I’ve always been good at being an advocate for my own health, so I agree with you about planning out what to address. I have been letting my anxiety get the best of my logic lately, and I think that, being just a second appointment, maybe I will get a better idea of what she’s like. I mean, my first impression very well could have been biased due to having clicked so well with previous GPs, and my anxiety about having to start over again. IYou make some very good points. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for responding, @allyoops. It’s pretty difficult finding a new GP where I live, but it’s also something I can pick my specialist’s brain about, now that I’ve decided to make an appointment with her as well. She told me at one point that she knew doctors who were experienced with certain types of treatment and if I needed to be referred, to let her know. So, I’ll give it a second shot with my GP, but have this is mind as well. As you said, it could have been an off day, and I could be biased myself (provided that my health and situation are looked after properly, I have to remind myself that I don’t have to be ‘friends’ with my doctor…)

Thank you for posting this. I have been going through similar situations. My doctor is newer to me as well for 3 year now. His “style” of practise is very steeped in Indian tradition. He does not believe in Medical Marijauna and prescribing my ADHD medication…However, I did go to other specialists. I am in a Pain Clinic in my region as well as seeking neurological specialist and orthopedic specialists. What you said here about mental health getting in the way of dealing with the hoop jumping and pretzel logic of the system, hits hard with me. i took it upon myself to be th best advocate for myself. Taking no for an answer or only looking at my health one way, was not the way for me. I had to change my way of thinking or this whole process would be too challenging for me. I sought our advice form different resources, talked with people who have been through similar situations. I got myself a counselor in our Mental Heath dept. I make every feeling ( good & bad ) and question known to my doctors. I make these same feelings known to the nurses. Keep all your thoughts, notes and appointments in a record book for your personal referral. Only YOU can advocate for you, whether it’s you doing it or someone helping on your behalf. and I realize everyone’s situation is different. Be direct, ask questions, be challenging, be bold and be strong. Hang in there. Keep on keepin’ on!


Thanks @Dan , I am sorry that you are dealing with similar issues, but thankful that you have taken control of the direction you take! I hope to continue doing so as well, and to handle challenges with positivity and hope. :slight_smile: