Choice of provider?


This is an ongoing concern on the forum. If an Insurer is seeking rehabilitation and/or medical coordination is it not one’s legal right to choose the health care provider?

I recall that David said that the insurer can choose the rehabilitation provider and treatment providers–but is that legal? They can choose the Independent assessor within reason–but would the insured not have the right to choose who provides a course of treatment?

( Although it maybe better if you let the Insurer choose as they can be held jointly liable if any damage or claim)

The Regulated Health Professions Act and some other statutes including the Canada
Health Act and the (Ontario)Workplace Safety and Insurance Act establish
patient/client choice of health- care providers as a statutory objective or right. This
should mean that patients can selecttheir healthcare provider with impunity.
Unfortunately, this “right” is rarely demanded by patients, observed by third party
payers, or enforced by governments.


You can probably choose the provider you want if you pay for it.
It seems unreasonable you can choose when the insurer is paying for it.


Why do you think that?


My impression of how the world works is that the person that pays has the choice.