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I am currently receiving LTD benefits from Manulife. It is based on Major Depression, Social and generalized anxiety, and unspecified trauma disorder. I was also approved for CPP but denied the disability tax credit (I am appealing). Does anyone have any experience with the definition of disability change with Manulife after the two year mark? I do not think I will be able to return to work and I am fortunate to of been approved for CPP disability If I lose the income from LTD it will be a huge loss. I would appreciate any feedback

I don’t have any experience but I think getting cppd is a huge plus for strengthening your case that you can’t work.
Good luck and try not to worry.

Thanks. That was my thought as well.

My LTD is through Manulife. What would you like to know? You can also read my posts I share a lot of things about my case.

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Just how they are in terms of keeping Ltd benefits past the two year mark. My feeling from talks with them has been that they do not keep benefits for depression/anxiety/ptsd past the two year mark.

They do approve mental health cases past 2 year mark. It will depend on your limitations and whether your doctors support you. Do you see a psychiatrist?

Most probably they will conduct a transferable skills analysis before they approve you beyond 2 year mark.

Yes I see a psychiatrist on a monthly basis. I would say he would support it.

What does the transferable skills analysis look like

For me, it was a resume for the last 10 years along with any skills, training, courses I had to show the range of possible employment I could perform.
I was highly skilled and it was adaptable to all sorts of employment, but my medical professionals reported the issues I would/could have that prevented me from being gainfully employed: agoraphobia, hypervigilance, medications, memory loss, insomnia, hypersomnia, fatigue, panic attacks, crying jags, anger, frustration, not able to drive etc.
I had supporting medical professionals (including the insurance company’s medical professionals) along with ongoing and regular treatment by a psychologist and psychiatrist. LTD was finally approved as I was still under ongoing and regular treatments for PTSD, depression, major anxiety, agoraphobia and a few other things.

I think they look at your current job and determine if any of your skills (problem solving, communication, etc) can be used in a different job that takes into account the limitations of your disability.
Take whatever the insurance company tells you with a big dose of skepticism.
Try not to worry about it.

Thank you Marilyn. I am glad that your LTD was approved. Our situation sounds very similar. Thai really helps. My provider already has my resume from the past 20 years.

By analyzing your skills, education and limitations they are going to determine if you can do any other occupations. They may decide that you can do some other jobs but your limitations should be eliminated in order for you to be able to work.

They will look into many factors to determine if you are eligible for the benefits after 2 years. Your doctor’s support is important.

Case managers tend to scare you that they won’t extend your benefits but this is something they usually do.

My case is similar to yours. You can read my posts on the forum. I talked about different challenges that I came across during my LTD. So you can see what to do and what not.

Thank you Elaine. I have also spoken with union staff who agree that I should seek LTD past the two year mark. I was also off of work in 2016 for the same issues for a year and then returned and went off on Ltd in under a year so there is a history of my disabilities impacting my ability to work. I work in a very high stress environment. My disability has been as a result of my work and personnal life

I feel foolish but how do I look at your other posts as you have mentioned

Thank you

Thanks Jammer. I also agree with you that getting CPP approved is a huge step in the right direction to LTD past the two year mark. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

You can click on any name and it will show you what that person posted on the forum.

Hi Sean,

Manulife will pay benefits beyond 2 years, even in cases involving mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. They look at it on a case by case basis and the key thing in these cases is that the insurance company sees you as receiving appropriate treatment. Many factors are considered like your age, your work experience and how likely it is that you could do other employment. Even if they do end up stopping payments, you can get that decision overturned on appeal.

We publish free guides to disability claims and appeals for each insurance company, and our Manulife guides should be published this month. I already shot all the videos for it before the COVID-19 shutdown.

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The prices differ between insurance companies?

Not sure what you mean?

I read that to mean you have separate fee guides for each insurance company (Manulife, SunLife, etc).

Ok, I see it is just a misunderstanding. Just to clarify, they are FREE guides. Not fee guides. Our fees are the same no matter the insurance company.

Hi David,

How will I be able to find your Manulife guide?