Chance of Approval?

I’m thinking about applying for CPPD soon. Left work in Feb. this year for a number of reasons, Osteoarthritis in the hips and sometimes knees, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, recurring tendonitis in both forearms and shoulder problems which have now been diagnosed by MRI’s as both shoulders have full thickness rotator cuff tears. I was working through these issues for over a year before I had enough.
I have exhausted my EI Injury benefits and my WorkSafeBC claim was denied which I will appeal. I definitely have paid in enough as I had worked about 30 years straight prior to this happening. Just wondering if anyone has used Resolute for the initial application or more for the appeal if needed.
Should I try and find other work if possible (even if I am unable to do it) and exhaust other avenues before applying?
Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

I think you should do the initial application yourself.
If an appeal is necessary, contact Resolute for a free consult.

Read this:

I think it is worth getting CPPD in parallel with your WorkSafeBC claim.
What about Long Term disability from work?

No LTD from work. It seems most people apply themselves and go from there. Thanks.

If your doctor supports you applying for CPP-D, then go for it. Gather up all your medical files and send them in too.