Can a Psychologist Complete Attending Physician’s Statement

I have been receiving Ltd for over 5 years. During this time I was transferred to a shared care clinic. I have seen 5 different nurse practitioners in 4 years. I recently was asked to complete an attending physician statement. I classify my Psychologist as primary provider for my mental health (claim for mental health). However, can the psychologist complete this form? Nurse practitioner office really just prescribe and nothing much else anymore.

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You probably need to ask your case manager that question.

Just checking with others to see if anyone has submitted one successfully.

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This varies depending on who your insurance policy is written and what your individual case manager will authorize. Most policies require the updates to come from a primary care physician, but some are written more broadly to include nurse practitioners and other health professionals.

However, insurers don’t always follow this and often will allow people to submit updates from various professionals. You would need to ask your case manager.

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Hi Shelby, I am now in a similar boat now. My pdoc suddenly retired. l managed to find a new pdoc who will see me for two or three visits only. He will ask my family physician to prescribe me the meds. My psychologist is the only professional who is willing to support me. Her fees are over ten thousand dollars a year.

I have found every case manager to be different. Several years ago my then case manager wanted updates from my psychologist alone. My present case manager wants updates from my primary care physician as well as from my specialist.

Provincial Government psychologists said they are not allowed to fill out insurance forms therefore, I have to see psychologists in private practice.

$10,000 a year is a significant amount of money. It’s unfortunate your psychologist isn’t able to provide you with an adjusted fee. I would question whether it is still essential to attend weekly. After several years they sometimes cut back to once or twice a month. Especially when you are on a disability pension. Unless your insurer has mandated weekly sessions? I go regularly, but have cut back on the amount of sessions a year . I am following the agreement by attending both the sessions and medical process regularly.


She is giving me a ten percent discount. I find the fifty minute sessions too short for me.

My medications cost over three thousand dollars a year with personal insurance. My overall costs are over thirteen thousand dollars a year plus gas and parking. :cry:

Yikes :grimacing: Expensive! It’s difficult, I feel for u.

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That’s a lot of money.
I sympathize.

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I would try to see a psychiatrist who would be willing to do the paperwork.

I think that you are paying way too much in fees. I would reduce the number of your therapy sessions, even if you continue your current therapy sessions.

A psychiatrist should be covered by provincial health care.

The paperwork would require an additional fee (or maybe not), but overall it would save you money.

Damn! That is quite expensive

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