Blood/urine sample during IME with psychiatrist?

My sister who has been off for Major Depressive Episode is scheduled for an IME next month. She has a phobia with needles to the point that she passed out each time she went for blood tests for overseas work in the past. Will she have to go through a blood test during the IME? If yes, can she request for a urine sample to be taken instead? This is really causing her anxiety. Thanks for your help.

I never have a blood test at my doctor’s, I get a requisition and go to a lab.
If your regular doctor gives blood tests in the office then maybe the IME would too.
You don’t have to do everything the IME says.
You can discuss any concerns you have with them.
I don’t know if a urine test can be a substitute for a blood test, my guess is not otherwise why would doctors do both.
If the doctor has a reasonable reason to get a blood test, maybe she can be sedated.
Try not to worry, anything can be discussed with the IME.
Good luck.

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Thank you @jammer, this is very helpful info.

It would be very unusual for there to be a blood test request during an IME. This is the kind of thing that the insurance company would have to specifically request in advance, and there would have to be very compelling reasons for it to be done. I have only ever seen blood tests allowed in cases where addiction is a key issue in the disability claim. This is not the kind of thing that can be sprung on a person who shows up for an IME.

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Thank you very much @David_Brannen. Very helpful info indeed.