Applying for CPPD without a Family Doctor

Hello everyone,

I’ve been reading various CPPD inquiries on this forum, but have yet to find anything related to my particular question or concern; applying for CPPD without a family Doctor. I’m a diagnosed Fibromyalgia sufferer, currently residing in British Columbia, Canada. I applied for CPPD benefits in May of 2019, after recently discovering I was eligible. I have not been employed or able to work for several years and wish I had known about CPPD earlier. Today I received correspondence from Service Canada, verifying they received my application, they requested the medical report be filled out by a family physician and returned within 30 days. Unfortunately, I do not have a family physician, and unsure how to proceed. Is it possible to have a Walk-in-clinic doctor assist me?
I would greatly appreciate any guidance and suggestions.

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Maybe you can ask the doctor who diagnosed you with Fibromyalgia.

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Hi Elaine, I appreciate the reply! The doctor who initially diagnosed me, has long since retired.

Do you do anything about your condition? Do you take medications? Do you do phisiotherapy?

Not sure. But to get CPPD you need to be under constant care of a doctor, preferably a specialist, take medications and do different types of therapy. If you were just diagnosed and don’t do anything about it then it may not be enough.

Try to find a doctor as soon as possible. It shoudn’t be hard. He/she may fill out the forms based on the report from the other doctor.

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I don’t think you will be successful without a doctor to back up your disability. I would suggest getting a copy of David’s new book, it’s affordable and quite useful.

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Hi Halle, welcome to the forum.

I think you need a specialist asap. In my case the CPP-D nurse called me and approved mine because a specialist filled out my forms. I suggest you see a doctor at the walk in clinic and probably have her/him refer you to a specialist.

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Ya, a specialist is better for the application.