Applying for CPP Disability While Home Raising Small Children

In filling out my CPP Disability forms I am not sure what to put as date I became disabled and last day worked.

Last day worked was Oct 3, 2013 then I went off on mat leave, baby born Nov. 2013. Was laid off with no job to return to. We decided to have another baby right away and second child born July 2016.

I have a diagnosed chronic disease, Ehlers-Dsanlos syndrome and have always had severe pain, taken off work a few times in my life to recover etc, etc but became severely disabled with muscle weakness in limbs, cannot walk, hold onto things, my thumbs are dislocating since just this past December 2016. So for Date Became Disabled I put December 2016 as this is when I decided to give up on the idea of trying to go back to work after my newborn becomes a bit older. It will be impossible for me as my disease is progressing so much.

Is it ok to have a date of when you became disabled when you are at home raising kids?? I have 5 years of full-time work from Sept 2008 to Oct.2013.

You need to approach this claim with extreme caution. Your date of disability onset needs to fall within the period you qualified to apply for CPP disability.

In theory you can claim disability onset while off on maternity leave, but in reality this can make the claim very challenging. When the see your reason for leaving work was a “lay off” this will start out as a big red flag.

Now in your case, it sounds like your physical decline and impairments would be well documented – so this could be helpful if there is good medical documentation. In a case like this you need to apply for the child rearing dropout provision as that will give you credit for the time you are out raising children, if you were / are the primary caregiver.

Putting December 2016 as date of disability onset may be a problem if you were not eligible to apply for CPP disability at that time due to not enough recent contributions. Again, you should apply for the child rearing dropout credit and I expect that will move your qualification forward and hopefully beyond December 2016

As far as documentation, I lived in Halifax until 25 yrs old - no medical records from university clinic, lived in Japan from 25 -32 yrs old so cannot access medical records. Returned to Moncton 2008 but was taken off work Feb-May 2013 and was then diagnosed by a geneticist with EDS in Sept 2013…Between Sept 2013 til now I have documentation from geneticist, xrays showing shoulder separation with no know trauma, records of occupational therapy visits to make specialized thumb braces to stabilize joint dislocation in thumbs as well as recent blood work indicating high level of anti-nucleur antibodies which is used to help diagnose some rheumatic disorders.

I guess there is no way around it other than apply for child rearing dropout provision which would be effective Dec 2013 to current as my youngest is only 8 months old and hope that Dec 2016 will be accepted as my date of disability as that was when my disease became more severe and more incapacitating.

Yes, apply for child rearing dropout provision. Hopefully that will extend the period you qualify for CPP disability up to and beyond when your disability became severe.