Application for CPPD, received a phone call

Hi all,

I have recently found this website and reading the posts has been helpful. I am going to post some questions and if you guys have an idea about how this goes, it would be helpful.

I am doing my MSc studies and working part-time at the university. I work 4 hours per week (started this work in September 15, 2023). It is a contract based work that ends on April 2024. I applied for CPPD in July 2023 and have been waiting since then. I received a phone call from the medical adjudicator with questions about my condition, I answered them all.

She asked me about my studies, how long I go to school (hours, which is about 10 to 20 hours per week, but mostly 10), if I work, and she asked me for further medical details. Thereafter, she told me she is going to send a mail to my doctor for further details and I should make an appointment with him soon once he receives the mail for further medical documents.

I am not sure about anything and I have been off work since May 2023. The 4 hours per week are easy for my disability, but the money is very low (still within CPPD eligibility).


Was there something specific you were wondering about? I didn’t see you ask a specific question.

Good point! Do studies affect the application? When I go to the doctor, any specific points for the application?

If you are working 4 hours per week and are successfully doing 10-20 hours per week doing a MSc program I think it is very unlikely you would get approved for CPP disability. You are showing you have capacity to work.

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You are allowed to study and be on CPP-D at the same time, but each situation needs to be evaluated individually. Going to school 20 hours a week and working 4 hours a week may make it difficult to get approved. They deny people for all kinds of reasons. You would then need to appeal the decision. My guess is they have contacted your doctor and to find out why you can only work 4 hours a week, and why you can go to school but can’t work. Basically your diagnosis needs to fit that and make sense. Good luck to you!

Thanks both. Will see how it goes.