Appeals are not before a board


From what I have read, when you file an appeal, it goes before another board. This is absolutely untrue.
My appeal, which was sent express post, sat in a pile for over a month and then I received a phone call from a personal cell phone on a Saturday afternoon, telling me that while I was disabled, I was denied. When I asked about the board, I was told that when you appeal, it simply goes to another desk and another person decides. Seems this person did not even read the letter which was included, stating my case. Had she read it, she would not have offered her advice to seek ODSP. My letter clearly stated that I was not qualified. The following week, I received two letters, both dated on the same day…the Saturday that the woman had called. One stated that they had received my appeal, the other that I was denied.
I keep hearing and reading that the 15 month for applying after receiving CPP is a law. It is not a law. It is a rule. All of these so called experienced lawyers and disability “experts” and not one who fights this based on the fact that nowhere in the papers that you sign, is there anything which states that by filing early, you are giving up your right to disability, should you become disabled. Are you all afraid of a fight? This should have been challenged and changed a very long time ago. People who are disabled are entitled to receive disability, two months, fifteen months…three years later. Disabled is disabled. People have lost their homes and been forced to live in sheer poverty. When I asked the woman what I was supposed to do, she said, “I don’t know…sorry” and hung up. My appeal was handled from someones home…I was work they took home with them. I did not even deserve the right or dignity for it to be heard or judged properly. Please post correct information…tell people exactly how their appeals will be heard.