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I have been denied cpp for my fibro and arthritis and memory issues and cognitive issues( difficulting phrasing sentences explaining things spelling etc.) Not enough medical evidence to prove it is severe
I was told back in 2014 that my arthritis specialist wanted me to just follow up with my family dr as i am chronic
Appeal stated i should of had more recent medical specialist evidence
Work accommodated me from 2009 until june 2016 when i left
I worked a split shift 6-9 am and 3-6 with school age children
They accommodated my job description to allow me to work anything i needed they supported me

So i got denied in july 2017 after waiting since november to hear
My family dr said lets gather more evidence to support
I am on wait to see a neurologist, psychiatrist and a pain clinic
I just did preassessment for psychiatrist and the lady said i am suffering from severe depression and anxiety and that it’s been a long time
I have had post pardon depression in 2002 abd was medicated until 2006
I did not add this to my appeal as i did not entirely believe i have it
My question is
If i am waiting on all these appointments how do i get the appeal to acknowledge that it will wait upto 6 more months without denying me again
My anxiety has hospitalized me 3 days in a row all of a sudden i am unable to swallow and breathe i was given 5 epi pens over those 3 days before they started thinking it was anxiety xrays were done on throat and chest which i plan to include in my appeal


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When you appeal you note all your future referrals and appointment dates.
Get all the medical reports you can including the hospital records-save the receipts as you can claim.
Go to the pharmacy and they can print off for free a list of all your prescriptions.
Ask a co worker or your past employer to write a letter with all the accommodations they allowed for you-to prove it was an exceptional employer. You need to prove you can not meet the basic requirements of showing up to work on time and adhering to a workplace schedule.

Start a pain/fatigue symptom diary–google pain diary and you can print off sheets. To show your average day.

Google journal articles on your condition-print off and include. Often the first page summary is good enough. Highlight relevant paragraphs and/or sentences.

That would be a start…


Thanks so much for the help


Hi, If I read your question correctly, you are asking if they will extend the 90 day appeal period to give you more time to attend upcoming medical appointments? If you are at the Reconsideration stage you would need to make the formal request for a Reconsideration appeal and then ask for more time to get your information in. However, rather that do that I would suggest you submit a Reconsideration appeal on existing information and get your matter to the Social Security Tribunal. Your chances of success are greater at the Tribunal stage in my experience. It is possible to have a case approved at the Social Security Stage (long before the hearing) if you put the appeal together properly.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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