Anyone know a caseworker, adjuster or former who would talk about training practices?

Would be helpful if we could get some answers and/or material from caseworkers or adjusters on how they are trained to ‘Delay, Deny, Defend: Why Insurance Companies Don’t Pay Claims and What You Can Do About It.’

Even if they are kept anonymous. There has to be some of these out there with a conscience related to what they put us through.

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I doubt they can say.
In my industry (not insurance) it is common to sign away all sorts of intellectual property rights and non-disclosure agreements.
Nothing is truly anonymous.

Feinman explains how people can be more cautious when shopping for policies

I think a lot of us are in group policies so we had no input in what policy the employer buys.
I wonder how accurate a book from 2010 is, that’s pretty old.
I think this forum and @David_Brannen is more useful. :slight_smile:

Just my opinion.
Thanks for the reference.

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The book is very relevant today. Probably even more relevant here in Canada with this Deny, Delay, Defend mentality in insurance companies.

I was a licensed financial advisor for 20 + years and licensed in insurance, plus I have a 12 year car accident case going, and a LTD case and this book was great for me.

There are whistle-blowers everywhere. I am looking for a few in Canada in insurance. People who left companies. Non-disclosures expire.

There are a lot of stories/cases referenced in the book about people dealing with insurance companies. Some of the issues addressed are the same as in David’s booklet.

Feinman also had several adjusters who worked for insurance companies provide evidence of companies’ tactics and how they were trained using the PowerPoint slides, notes, and training manuals prepared by the McKinsey & Company. These are the kind of things I am looking for now, for my own book and my case.

Also, looking at previous cases that went to trial and have this sort of material used at trial.

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I’m interested as well as I have a current claim with my insurer and pending Human Rights Complaint.

@Riverman How is that going for you?

Yes, I have a HR complaint pending also. HRs is very slow process with little communication.

I don’t have a HR case, but wrongful dismissal against my former employer. Deadlines don’t really seem to be enforced as one would think.

  • expected document exchange within a week or two, but lawyer says maybe if we don’t get something back within 3 months he might approach the court
  • defense didn’t file their statement of defense on time and yet it was accepted two weeks later

It is definitely a lot of waiting.

I’ve wondered a lot about this. Seems strange that no one has shared.

Not much range. Need a larger medium.