Blue Cross LTD Lawsuit

Been meaning to post this for a while…

Blue Cross really messed up, and they are going to pay dearly for it (in the millions).

Just wanted to share this so people know that regular everyday folks like us can take on an Insurance Company and handily win. The law is on our side when an insurance company doesn’t follow the LTD contract. Another reason why every person on LTD needs a copy of their LTD master policy.

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Thanks for posting this. To me it really highlights the importance of what David says about being up front about what you are doing and proactive so as to not let any question that you may be lying creep into the mind of your claims manager. Because once that doubt is there the human fault of cognitive bias will affect how they interpret everything they see. Imagine the claims manager getting 375 hours of surveillance and being so sure that it shows what the claims manager sees that they insisted on waiting a year to take it to a full jury. Then that jury looking at the videos with fresh eyes say what the hell are you talking about and are so pissed off at the blindness of the claims manager that they not only deny their defence but go on to punish the company harshly.

The sad truth is that the money is not going to make up for the distress they put this poor lady through for years. I can’t even imagine.