Chronic vs. Acute illness & impact on LTD


I was asked by caseworker if I thought my disease was chronic now and I responded that I did not know - maybe. No cure & I had a flare up. They continue to assess re: 2 year mark in Feb. Your thoughts? She is also going to send a letter for an update from just my Family Physician vs my other 2 specialists which I think will be okay. She receives the specialists notes & looks at the whole picture - problem will be having her respond back in a timely fashion - she has been off a month re family emergency. I let my caseworker know this.


I think it’ll be fine.
I think doctors usually get 90 days to respond and you’ve told your caseworker.

Can you get a copy of what your family doctor says?


Thanks for responding - don’t know how the Insur. Co perceives a more chronic condition.
Re: report: I think I could get a copy from my Doc. I know my Doc will be very behind in reports (has been gone a month & has missed a lot of work so we will see) Also, will my insurance Co. notify my employers that my condition is being seen now as chronic?
Sometimes this disease can suddenly go into remission but mine has got worse - so don’t know - plus I have a broken elbow & damaged knee - rehab could be up to a year - arm needs to heal before further rehab on the knee can take place.


I don’t think the insurer tells the employer anything.
I told my employer there is no time frame for my return but I am 99.9% certain that I won’t be able to have any more employment.


My insurer cc my employer on every communication with me though I didn’t sign the agreement giving them permission to do so. I don’t know why they think they are allowed to. Nothing is mentioned in the policy about it either.

Maybe you should not try to convince them that you will never be able to go back to work as they can easily terminate your employment then.


Yes, they often tell them more than they should.


It is normal that your Insurer is requesting notes from your family Doctor-and a good sign. My husbands doctor wrote down for diagnosis likely chronic–and even CPP-D accepted that. Have they asked you to apply for CPP-D–I suspect if they have not you will either be asked to apply or set up for either an IME or rehabilitation of some sort.

No alarm bells for you yet!


Yes I have also applied for CPP-D & DTC - DTC needs more info from Doc - will see. Thanks for your feedback.


The insurer knows I won’t be able to return to work.
I told the employer that my return date is unknown but they also know whatever the insurer tells them.

I can’t think of a reason I need to retain my employment.