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I’ve been reading some posts on surveillance. Thanks David for explaining the reason why someone might be surveilled after reaching the ‘any occupation’ category.

When I was finally approved for LTD I was already in the “any category” and am under a lot of surveillance.

Can anyone tell me if these people who I see late at night are using night vision and are they allowed to use any listening devices?


I think they can use night vision.
I doubt they can use listening devices without a court order.
You can request your claim file, it might tell what they are doing.
Are you still under 2 years?

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Hey Jammer,
Thanks for answering. No, I was approved months ago, after long battle and when approved, I was already in the "any occupation’ category. That’s why I found it so weird that they are doing all this surveillance …that is until I read David’s post last night that if you’re in the “any occupation” category, surveillance is the only thing they have to try and invalidate your ongoing claim.

I’m not sure about asking for my claim file; is there any real benefit to that? I don’t need them to know that I know they are watching me and don’t want to create any additional red flags. ( I write down all the cars and license plate numbers and know some of them so well I have nicknames for them).

It’s been a long process and very hard on family, especially when they see people watching the place. It’s obvious to me that insurance companies will go to any length to deny or cut someone off if they can get away with it.
I can only imagine how much money they spend with all this surveillance and their lawyers…much more than they probably pay out to legitimate claims. I’m sure others feel the same, (discouraging and hard on days when pain is outta control).

I’m all for ridding any fraudsters. I’ve no tolerance for people gaming the system. But there should be some restrictions on what these insurance companies can and cannot do do.

How do you know you’re under surveillance?
The claim file might say why.

If they are only watching your home then I would not ask for the claim file. If they ask you for more documentation on your claim THEN I would ask for a full and complete copy of my claim file. Plus, if any documents can not be released please identify and explain.

To the point and polite.

Yes to night vision, but very doubtful they are using any listening devices. They have to do their surveillance of you from public spaces. Generally speaking, it is illegal to listen to or record third party conversations without consent.

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