Wondering what happens next

Wondering what happens next.

Today I got a letter from my insurance company, good news!!

"We have reviewed all information on file and determined that you will continue to qualify for benefits beyond the change of defination date. Medical information will be required from time to time to support your ongoing eligibility benefits. You will be advised in writing when such medical information is being requested.

Please be advised that premiums will be waived on eligible products included under the Life Insurance portion of your group policy. This coverage will remain in force, until age 65 without payment of further premiums, provided you remain Totally Disabled within the terms of the policy."

This was cc’d to my work HR.

My question is…will my employer contact me about about ending my employment or do I contact them? Do I quite or will they perminently lay me off? When will this happen, my 2 years are up at end of September. Is there anything I may need to be prepared for?

Thank you for any and all help!!

I would think that you would need to contact your HR to find out these answers.

My husband received the same letter. Unless you have a Union contract that states what happens after two years then don’t quit. Your employer may want to end your employment but is still on shaky ground to do so.
My husbands two years is up in a month and he advised his employer that he still hopes to return to work and that he still has ongoing tests and specialists to see,

You don’t want to quit and lose any benefits, pension or severance. If your Insurer in the future decides that you can return to employability -you want to have a job that has to look at accommodations.

However I don’t know your prognosis or health issues-but it is wise to go slow before ending your employment.
Insurers do deny claims-often near the three year mark.


I would seek advice before talking too much to HR. Some companies can be very helpful but other HR’s may focus more on what is best for the business.

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My husbands company FORCED him to cancel health benefits. He may have to quit as our finaces are now at the break level and to get his rrsps through finacial hardship they have to be moved .so sad of a situation.

You have a lawyer-right? How could an employer force that?

Have you checked what is required to obtain the RRSP’s-often it is mortgage in arrears,property taxes unpaid -dire straits.
I did not think he would have to quit to get that if he has medical support showing he can not work. I could be wrong.
Sometimes welfare will assist, but lien your property. What province are you in

Ontario. We have called sunlife the requirement is to leave the job move the rrsp then apply for low income.

Continual telephone calls stating he is cosing the company too much money to keep on and why does he need it as his wife has benefits. I recorded the last call.It was frightening. He is off for Mental health issues , worked there over 30 years. Disgusting.

Was this recent? Is he a federal or provincial employee? You have a human rights complaint and possibly a claim for wrongful dismissal -as the company’s mistreatment has frustrated the employment contract. If he leaves his job it is due to constructive dismissal-they pushed him out. (You never quit if possible)

Provinical. And thank you I shall tell him.