Losing extended health benefits on LTD after 4 1/2 years

I have been on LTD for 4 1/2 years and have been paying my extended health benefits premium since day 1 of my injury. We were originally with Manulife, then Desjardin and now Manitoba Blue Cross. I was notified that I would be losing benefits as its company policy to remove an employee on LTD after 1 year. They claim they sent a letter to me at the 1 year mark, but then said they’d extend it for me. Now they’re removing me from them to get everybody on the same page.

Can they remove me from them while I’m still listed as an employee?

Your company sent you a letter saying they are terminating you?

I don’t understand who is doing what.

No, they sent me a letter stating that I would be removed from the extended health plan, as its company policy that anyone on LTD for a year would lose their benefits. They supposedly sent out a letter at the 1 year mark, but had decided to extend it for me. I never received such letter

Remove an employee from the extended health benefits, not terminate from company

My extended health plan is a group insurance plan through the employer, I don’t know why the insurance company would be involved but I don’t pay the premiums (my employer does) so your situation is probably different.
I don’t know.

I am in Ontario and my employer did the same to me although it was only after 15 months. They said. It is thee company policy to remove benefits after the 1 yr mark but because of their error i got the additional 3 months. I think its crappy thing to do when a staff is off on sick leave but apparently not unusual. I ended up purchasing a small benefit package privately.

I figure they can do it from a legal stand point, but what a shitty thing to do.

I’m in PEI after 40 years employment at same business went on LTD after 1 year was cut off medical benefits.

I am in Alberta. I went on STD May 2014. My STD ended September 2017 (17weeks). I automatically went on LTD.

I had to send payments of approximately $123 each month to my employer to cover my medical and dental costs.

When LTD started September 2014, I no longer had to pay premiums for LTD and STD.

August 2016 my employer terminated me. I no longer had to pay my employer for medical and dental costs. My relationship with my employer ended.

I continue to receive LTD as of today June 2018.

I hope my post helped.

Who requested the money, the employer?

Did your medical and dental benefits continue but you pay for them?

Do you have medical and dental through the insurance company?

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What insurance company are you using. Even when they terminated you, you kept getting medical and dental with your insurance?

My LTD is being paid by Manulife, but after the company switched benefit providers, my medical and dental were paid by the other company’s

Company policy–is that part of your employment contract?

I had to find private insurance when my employer terminated me.

Who requested the money, the employer? Yes.

Did your medical and dental benefits continue but you pay for them? Correct.

Do you have medical and dental through the insurance company? I had to get private insurance.