Will my CPP Disability be disrupted if I go on vacation or move to a new province?


I have two questions,

  1. Can I leave the country for a vacation while on CPP-D?

  2. Can I relocate from Ontario to BC without any problems?

Thank you, Colin


Moving to a new province or going on a vacation will have no impact on your CPP disability benefits. If you are moving provinces, you need to notify Service Canada of your new address and phone number. They may transfer your claim to a new regional CPP office, but that will have no impact on you other than that will be the place you call about your CPP disability benefits.

Moving abroad while on CPP-D

I just want to confirm with you that this also stands for moving from Ontario to Quebec?

Thank you☺️


I would think so since CPP-D is federal.
Service Canada not Service Ontario.
You could phone Service Canada to make sure.