Will January be good?

Any predictions on the the increase of CPPD for 2021?

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I am hoping it goes up by ‘cost of living’ like it did in the past. The extra fifteen to eighteen dollars adds up to help pay bills.

Covid19 might throw off the "normal’ things they use to calculate the cost of living.
Too bad they don’t use the cost of hand sanitizer? :slight_smile:
Apparently people getting ODSP haven’t had an increase in 3 years. :frowning:

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Three years is a long time. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Yep, Ontario sucks for that.


1% for 2021? :frowning:

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  1. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: 1% sucks!

  2. I wish the insurance companies had to increase their payouts by the same method. Mine never went up.

Some policies do, it depends on the wording.

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Any idea when the 2021 payment amounts will populate in MSC accounts?

I just checked MSC account and my payment went up $15.28 per month.

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Thanks! I checked again and it’s there. Exactly the 1% that Jammer referenced, or half of the increase of 2019 to 2020

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Food costs have increased but I guess they think other costs have decreased.
Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers I guess.


Yup! lol It’ll take me two more years at 1% at least to break the $1k mark … and eating is clearly overrated

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