Percent of Jan increase

My CPP-D is going up 1.5% (the new amount is on the website so I calculated the %.
Will my insurance LTD go up by the same amount (it will go up as per the policy)?

I had some questions about cost of living adjustment few months ago so i researched and my understanding is that, your increase with LTD will happen only if you have Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) feature on your policy, if not, then the amount will remain the same for the life of the policy. Check your policy for COLA. If you do have it, it will not be similar increase to CPPD. They use annual inflation as an adjustment (based on Consumer Price Index CPI) and that barely surpasses 1.5-2 %.
Hopefully insurance stays away from deducting your new CPPD amount as they might be entitled to that as well.

Insurance definitely deducts just my initial CPP-D.
My benefit booklet says:

Your Long-Term Disability payment will be increased each January 1
based on the calculated increase in the Canadian Consumer Price index
up to a maximum of 3.00%.

My CPPD only increased 1.5% .
Where can I look up the current CPI and how does Service Canada calculate the increase for CPP-D?

Statistics Canada posts it every year. Check out the link

Scroll to the bottom you will see 2016 was 1.4 which is similar to your CPPD increase, which in fact will be the number that you insurance will be using as well.

It all depends , if. Ur talking about ltd from work it usally dont go up only CPP Does by .5%it dont follow the gdp and they caculate it all messed up but If u worked annd collecting zLTD AND CPP …C.PP will go and is taxable not like ur ltd from work …It depends if u funded it all your self not taxabble if work shared 50 50 itll be taxed 50% of and if work did 100 taxed but look into the disabilty tax credits. Some companys will charge 50% if they win for u so be carefull always ask guestions GL

My CPP WENT FROM $900.00 When started now its $1014.00 now and pay tax on it claim the 12000.00 or so and have. To pay like 100 bucks tax like i said lookinto tax benefits ull end up getting alot back