CPP Disability Increase

On the Government of Canada website it states that with the new CPP enhancements in 2019 that your monthly payment increases every month.

Has anyone received a monthly increase? My amount is the same every month.

Also, any idea the % increase for 2024?

Anyone know what % increase was for 2023?

No increases for me. Was it supposed to apply to CPP Disability too? I hadn’t heard about a monthly increase.

I believe the 2023 increase was just over 6%. It increased the monthly amount by 6%. So if say you were getting 1000.00 a month it would be 1006.00. But not a different increase every month. The yearly increase is tied to the consumer price index I think. The next increase is Jan 2024.

The monthly amount increases but is not calculated each month. It only increases once a year. You should get 12 payments for the exact same amount before it changes again.