Why does CPPD reduce the benefit amount?

I got a written quote from CPP on what my disability benefit will be, if approved. On my Service Canada account it says I’m eligible for $992 in CPPD but the quote they sent me is only for $630. I already get my late husband’s CPP (survivor benefit) so they quoted that I would still receive the survivor benefit of $580/month and the CPPD would be $630. They would be combined to one monthly payment totalling $1210.
I don’t understand why the CPPD is reduced that much. I hoped I would get the maximum amount of $1454. Any info on why my eligible amount was reduced from $992 to $630?

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Hmm according to the government website it should be the maximum disability pension.
Combining the disability pension and the survivor’s pension

The most that can be paid to a person eligible for both the disability pension and the survivor’s pension is the maximum disability pension (which is more than the maximum survivor’s pension)."

I would probably wait for the first payment and then ask if it is not the maximum…

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I have never heard of someone getting a written quote for CPPD before, i had no idea how much id receive until i was,approved. It all depends on how much youve contributed to CPP over the years.

I’ve never heard of that either.
How did you get the quote?

I called CPP and asked for a written quote. They mailed it via Canada Post. I received it about 2 weeks after the request.

Just phone them with this question and ask for an explanation.