Qualify for % of Max CPP/QPP Benefits

How do I calculate the % of Max CPP/QPP Benefits I qualify for?
I got the maximum CPP from:

and divided it by my current CPP-D.

Are the maximums on the Service Canada site?
I thought it was but I can’t find it any more.

The system changed for people getting disabled now. Under the old system your payment is a flat amount + 75% of your personal benefit. In 2020 the flat amount was $505.79. So for you, take your current CPPD payment and subtract $505.79. Then divide that number by 0.75 to get your personal CPP number.

I don’t know how the calculations work under the new system for people getting disabled now.

The current maximum CPP at age 65 is $1,175.83. The numbers are reported here each quarter https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/programs/pensions/pension.html


So CPP=(CPPD-505.79)/0.75?

I think this stuff is really interesting, too bad I didn’t look into this before I was disabled when I could read it all.

How is the “flat amount” calculated?

I believe it’s just a flat amount adjusted for inflation each year. Probably using the same inflation adjustment that they use for regular CPP.

In case you didn’t notice the flat amount is published at that link I posted above. It would change each January.

Hi Caro - There is no change to the formula for calculating CPPD under the “enhanced CPP”, so your formula will still apply.

Thanks! I find the new rules very confusing so I wasn’t at all sure what happens.

What document has the flat amount?

Go to the link, open the time period you want to look at and just search for the word “flat” it will take you right there. For this quarter (and thus the year 2021) it is $510.85.

I can’t find it so thanks for doing it for me.


At the very top click on “January to March 2021” inside the blue box in your picture. It is more obviously a link in the mobile version on my phone. B)