Chanes to my statis

If my status changes from single to married does that affect the amount I receive on disability? Do I lose any money when married or do my rates stay the same.

I don’t think it matters if you’re married.
Children matter though.

For 2018, the average monthly CPP disability pension is $971.23 and the maximum monthly amount is $1,335.83. You will receive the basic monthly amount fixed for all recipients ($485.20), plus an amount based on how much you contributed to the CPP during your entire working career.

Congrats on the marriage.

I think your taxes might go down. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your response but “I think so doesn’t really help”, I need to know for sure. I do have one child age 15 though.

Thank you.

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It absolutely does not matter if you are married, not does it matter what your family income is. Only your income (the CPPD recipient) matters, and even then only if it’s >$5800/annually.

I would phone the CRA and ask.

We have wrote about this before. Won’t affect CPPD, or LTD from an insurance policy, but can affect benefits paid through provincial disability programs like Ontario Workers, ODSP, PWD etc.

If you have disability through a workplace pension plan, its possible there could be an effect. So you would need to contact the pension plan.

Like Jammer said, i you have children they can qualify for the CPP children’s benefit.