Who pays the LTDI benefits?

I have a question that i am unable to find out an answer to maybe it is a lack of understanding but i figure there has to be someone who understands this better besides me :smile: So i work in the public sector (AB gov) my insurance (dental,prescription etc) i pay to AB blue cross in conjunction with the employer. LTDI premiums are paid by the employer and then it says that the adjudicator is Canada Life . My question is who actually pays for the LTDI benefits is it AB Gov, is it AB Blue Cross or is it Canada Life whose pocket is this money coming from, below is a benefits link that may provide some details.

Thanks a bunch!

Alberta government is going to be the answer but there is a link at the bottom of the page you posted to contact your liaison if you need to confirm it for some reason. Generally very large employers find it most efficient to self insure and just hire a company to manage the paperwork for them.

Thank you Caro! I think that is the answer.

I think it would be Blue Cross. They are a benefits provider, Canada Life has large administration capabilities and are contracted for that. CL is one of the largest LTD providers, so Blue Cross may also be the broker, and chose CL as provider with best premium, product and administration. Governments do not want to handle disability or benefit administration.

I did sell these programs at one time.