Long Term Disability and car accident settlement

I am applying for LTD (Great West Life BC). I completed all the forms and my doctor completed it as well. They sent me more forms to complete and they ask me about my current car accident status. If I get a settlement from the ICBC, will Great West Life takes it all away from me? I have no idea. Please help.

Depends on what your LTD policy says about it. If your policy allows deduction of any settlement money then they will. They will deduct it from your LTD payments. Then you won’t receive your LTD payments for a while.

You should ask them to send you a copy of your LTD policy. Also you can ask your LTD case manager if they will deduct the settlement.

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Thank you for your reply. I will call them tomorrow. They even may take money for pain and suffering that I will get?

Can the ltd insurance tske your pain and suffering money