What to expect?

I will turn 65 in July 2024. Right now I am on LTD ( for 4 years) and started to receive a CPPD almost 18 month ago. I am also approved for disability tax return. I haven’t hear from my employer (school board) since I went on STD. What is going to happen when I reach 65? Friend of mine who is already 65, got a phone call from his employer 6 month before his 65 bday and got fired and received a severance pay from his company. I have no idea what will happens to me. I have 10 years of working history with my employer and 4.5 years of disability. My health benefits 100 % paid by me and my LTD portion paid by insurance company. I do belong to an union if it make any difference. I would love to hear from you and thank you

Unfortunately most of this will be specific to your employer. You will need to get a copy of your collective agreement and your benefits booklet from work. Read through it to find out what age things go to. Some companies provide benefits only to age 65 or age 67. I would try asking the union if they know what is typical for your employer. Your CPPD will automatically turn into CPP which usually means it goes down a bit. If you want to defer getting CPP you’ll need to contact CPP.

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I know that all my benefits will stop at 65. But I have no idea if my employer is suppose to pay me anything, severance pay or it will just let me go

Well if all of your benefits end, it would be free to just keep you on as technically an employee…

My benefits say I am considered retired at 65.
Benefits end and I don’t expect severance for retiring.