What happens when insurance terminates LTD?

Do they simply stop payments without notifying you?

Do they send you a letter prior to terminating with an explanation?

Do they give you a future date when benefits will stop?

How does it usually happen?

I don’t know if MY LTD has been terminated. I’m dealing with a new claim manager and she has not responded to my messages since early may. The documents that were requested from my doctor took a really long time to get a hold of. Covid is really difficult when it comes to communication with the clinic and my doctor. So the only thing I have received from the claims manager (who never actually introduced herself as my new claims manager) was a pissy email and letter threatening to terminate my benefits by may 24 if the documents were not received. It turned out that the documents had indeed been faxed a few days earlier but I had to go to my previous case manager to get a confirmation. She was not happy that I don’t answer the phone (my phone was actually broken at the time) even though I have previously requested that communication be done by email and my previous case manager was fine with that)

The new manager didn’t respond to any of my emails about requesting a copy of the medical notes and then following up a week before the ‘deadline’. Nothing

Then last Friday I got a payment from them deposited into my account. It was a bit less than the amount I usually receive the last day of the month.

So I’m confused.

Has my LTD been terminated without anyone telling me? My 2 years is in September.

I fought for 8 months to be approved. Am I going to have to do that again. FML.

I can’t answer any of your questions but when my claims manager was unresponsive I called the main line and asked for a manager, and the delay got fixed. If someone is able to call for you that might help?

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I emailed the person and copied their manager this morning. No reply yet. I’m freaking out.

  1. They can but hopefully they don’t.
  2. They should but don’t have to.
  3. Unlikely.

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I’m so relieved. I got a reply. My benefits are not terminated and I am now consider disabled under the ‘any’ occupation definition. Omg that was so much stress. Last couple of days I have been reading on this forum and I am now paranoid about being under surveillance. I’m not doing anything that would get me in trouble but it’s a really creepy feeling.

Anything I should know or watch out for now that I’m disabled under the second definition. My 2 year mark is a few months away. I don’t like not knowing what to expect.

If you’ve been approved under the ‘any’ then it means you’ve passed the medical screening for the next period of time. Expect to receive periodic requests for medical updates. This is normal and part of their standard procedure so just jump through the medical report hoop. Keep up with seeing your doctor and any medical treatment that is recommended. And they will probably ask you to apply for CPP Disability sometime soon.