Long term disability claim

I work in healthcare. I have been on LTD since 2018.
Insurance cut me off my doctor who said I was NOT ready to go back to work. This was July 2020.
My GP said I could. So they took the GP letter as the okay.
Went back to work. Think lasted 2 months…went back off. No one communicated with each other. Insurance saying never got faxed where doctors said they had.

NOW November 4, was the date to backdate.
It’s NOW Jan 11 and have not received a penny. No food, no Christmas No paying of bills.
Banks and companies now calling, losing my house and car will be next.

Help please


Did you call @David_Brannen 's office?

I haven’t called anyone

I have been on L.T.D. since August of 2018. I have been extremely ill most of that time, I have had 3 operations,10 procedures a blocked intestine and a undiagnosed bridge clot in my lung that almost killed me. I was also diagnosed with P.T.S.D. and Crohn’s disease this past August, the Crohn’s has caused major bleeding in 2020 and I spent 40 days in the hospital. My case worker I had until October of 2020 was great and never put any pressure on me, now I’ve been assigned a young aggressive woman that in our first conversation asked my twice what it was going to take to get me back to work. She also suggested I take the Canada pension long term disability and she was adamant about it. That pension would pay 60% less than I’m making now. Can they make you take that government pension so they can be absolved of their responsibility to pay me. I’ve been severely stressed out since our last conversation… any advice would be helpful!


@ the first poster, I had similar problems that went away when I escalated it to the manager of my claims person and got assigned a new claims manager. Also I would send them a written letter notifying them of how you will be harmed and when if they don’t get their act together. That will put them on notice that they might have to pay extra damages and light a fire under them.

@ the poster just above, CPPD is usually a deduction from your regular LTD rather than a substitute for it. You should be able to receive the same amount total, part from CPP and part from your current insurer, except that the CPPD part will now be taxable. You will need to apply for CPPD since they will be allowed to deduct it anyway if you qualify and don’t apply. Also apply for the Disability Tax credit if you haven’t already.

For everyone, try to keep details vague and especially don’t include your name as this is a public forum that anyone can find.