What are the chances of me being approved


So I’ve been dealing with depression my whole life I’ve had a pretty ruff up bringing. I’ve have been sexauly assaulted at young age that caused me to have many mental issues to start with then after I had my first child i was diagnosed with cronnic depression that was a long time ago I haven’t seen that Dr since then cause he ended up passing away so about a year ago I was in a very abusive relationship witch resulted in my children being taken from my care among losing everything including myself so my question here is I recently applied for odsp for my anxiety depression and ptsd because since all this had happend I left the city I lived in cause I was sick of living in fear and living in the same house where all those bad things had happend was to painful… only thing is I have not been to the Dr because the Dr is in the same city that the man is in that I use to be with. I moved to a whole new city to try and live a life of no fear so what I’m saying is I don’t have documentation of my health other then from years ago when I was diagnosed with chronic depression . I have documents of the things that have taken place though I have proof of everything in that relationship including pictures reports from police and children’s aid so my question is what are my chances of my case being approved


I don’t know how much weight ODSP puts on constant medical care.
There might be someone here who knows ODSP stuff.
Is ODSP for people that could never work?
I wish you luck.


No I believe there are some cases were the person is aloud to work