Challenges of getting LTD benefits for Depression, Anxiety

I was recently interviewed by the Toronto Star in an article about the growing awareness of the challenges people face with getting (and keeping) disability benefits for depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions.

If this describes your situation please don’t lose hope!


Thanks for sharing that David, I can relate to what he has gone through as I’ve experienced it first hand. Despite having the backing of 4 psychologists, 1 psychiatrist, an OT and my family Doctor I was also denied. I will never give in to being pushed around by my insurance company.

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Great article! As for Archibald,

“It was the moment that I became angry.”

I relate to this, big time. And on a positive note, that anger CAN be very motivating when dealing with what we go through with claims!

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Thanks for sharing, Very informative post indeed

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Thank you David for this great article.

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