Volunteering . Can you lose your LTD if you do?

Can you lose your long term disability if you volunteer at one or two events a month to help transition back into working once again? I cannot work more than a few hours here and there, but would like to explore the options of volunteering to see where I am at in terms of returning to work. I want to try volunteer, but will I get cut off my benefits if I do?

I would ask the insurance company but I think they’ll support it.

My LTD case manager once advised me to do some volunteering work. She said it is how you get integrated back into the society.

I wouldn’t mind but I had doubts as well. I thought they would cut me off if I did.

I’d like to hear an answer to this one too.

I would like to see the “legal” response to this question.
My understanding is that being involved is very beneficial to physical and mental well being.
But the issue of being able to participate in “Gainful” employment does come up If you are able to volunteer on a regular basis and provide meanngful services.
The major factor for me is time of service and type of duties performed by you during your volunteer sessions and weather all parties involved are in agreement with the situation.
I volunteered to coach my daughter’s soccer team once a week game. When I couldn’t make it due to health issues my wife would fill in. And because of this commitment Manulife said that I was capable of “Gainful Employment”.
Please post your findings

Did they cut off your benefits? And what did you do after?

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I think volunteering is just asking for issues down the line. It would be healthy for you but might not be worth it in the long run.

I can’t say that weekly outting to watch mydaughter play soccer and act as a coach was the only reason why they declined my claim but it was mentioned a lot and they pointed that it showed I could follow schedule. They pointed to a time that they photographed me walking and the next day shopping. They forgot to mention that after each event I would have to lay flat out for the remainder of the day.
Interesting how the whole picture is cropped to isolate the image they wish to portray.
It makes it tough to try to stay in any physical shape besides round as you know that someone somewhere is taking a picture or video.
The isolation is very difficult for ones self worth and a mental trip to dark area hurts. The family suffers in silence but non of this matters to the insurance companies.
Too bad honesty is a rare commodity

I would recommend “participating” in a support group but not volunteering (a big technical difference in terms)

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Most insurance companies are supportive of volunteer work in my experience. The problems happen if you don’t tell them about it and then they catch you on video doing work…they then assume the worst. If you are up front about it, then usually it is not a problem unless you are dealing with the most unreasonable of claims managers.

I caution you though as i have seen people get to a point where their “volunteer” work really should be paid work…and when it gets to that point the insurance will take issue with it. They don’t want to pay you to work for someone else.

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