Insurance Asking for a comprehensive Rehab program

I have been on LTD for more than 3 years. Recently my claim manager discussed with me about a rehab program. Its a very through rehab program. They also mentioned that the goal of the program is to get you back to work even if I dont have a job but they think I am medically fit, they will cut me off. The way my case manager spoke to me didnt seem like they are enforcing it but rather giving me an option if I wanna take it. I said I need to discuss with my doctor. What do you suggest. If I say no to it, would it raise red flags? and insure might eventually force me to take it? Or should I just comply and agree for participation. Please advise. I am pretty tensed due to this

Is there any realistic chance that you could improve on the rehab program? Is there any realistic risk that it might harm your condition?

Personally I would take any chance I can get to improve enough to get back to work. This ain’t much of a life.

It didn’t have anything to do with the insurance company but I did do a couple of rounds of rehab. Though I didn’t improve as much as I had hoped it still increased my quality of life significantly.

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I might improve but what I am really worries about is not to get to a point where I could work again and they cut me off

Yeah it really sucks to be in such a precarious and vulnerable position. I guess it seems to me that they could decide at any point that I am able to work and cut me off anyway and I would have to get a lawyer and fight it. I think giving it a good effort would both reflect well on my credibility and if unsuccessful provide evidence that I am still severely disabled. And my LTD policy has a time frame for restarting my LTD if a return to work fails without starting from scratch. Plus well if it works it will be amazing.

Yeah ideal case would be that it works and I return back to work. Its really frustrating that all these insurance companies care about is to find loop holes and try to cut you off

If you can work, it is much better than LTD IMO.
Will your employer have a job for you or is the likelihood of finding a new job reasonably good are also considerations.
I wouldn’t do it because I have a progressive disease that has a 100% chance of NOT improving.

I would not accept any offer of help like that, but I am very jaded. I believe that LTD companies never do anything unless it can benefit them. But it depends on a lot of things, including whether you are able to live on LTD comfortably enough.

I agree with the comments above. If you think there is any chance you could get back to the workforce, this could be a good opportunity. I would only do this if you think there is some chance you could get back to work in some capacity. The problem here is if they come back and say it is not options, they want you to do it. In that situation I think you have to try it, or they can cut off your benefits simply because you refused a return to work program. If the program isn’t successful in getting you back to work (but the insurance cuts you off anyways), you will have very strong grounds for appeal. Judges and others reviewing cases like this never want to fault someone for trying. You would be viewed favourably for having tried.

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