T4A(P) - Box 13 - Onset or effective date

Good morning,

I was looking at my T4A(P) - Box 13 - Onset or effective date and it is blank. In my case I was expecting a 2021 date as that is the year of onset, my application was approved in Aug 2022. I was wondering if it is normal for it to be blank.

Just checked, mine are blank too.

Thanks Caro, this puts my mind at ease. :smile:

Mine has 2 digits for the year and then 2 digits for the month yymm.

Hey Jammer,

Have you been on CPPD for a long time? My onset year is 2021 wondering if thats the case.

Since 2017 but I doubt that’s it.
They probably didn’t input it in the computer system.
I don’t think it matters.

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