Surveillance Issues

At what point does surveillance become harassment? The ‘surveillance’ became particularly over the top when the insurance company was trying to convince me to retire, which would have been a fairly severe income drop. And is there any recourse for such treatment by the insurance company? The union spoke to them a couple of times without any change. When I called the police, there was some respite, or at least they were a little more subtle. The police confirmed that they were private investigators - I had some licence plates. I am now officially retired by the way but the treatment by the insurer was despicable.

I assume when they invade your privacy.
I don’t think they are allowed to surveil anyone else in your family.
They are allowed to take pictures of you in your home (if you have the curtains open).
I’m just guessing.
I think they are allowed to do a lot. :frowning:
I would get a free consult from Resolute.