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I have been on LTD for the past 4yrs, I have been and am currently seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist. I have seen the same psychiatrist and psychologist throughout my LTD. I see my psychiatrist monthly, weekly or biweekly depending on my mental status. I am confident my psychiatrist has documented my progress thus far. I have reviewed your five reasons why claims are denied and feel that I have all of the areas covered. However I have noticed for quite sometime that I am being followed. I feel they want to catch my every move. Because it’s been happening for quite onetime I am now able to identify their tactics. I was wondering if I should contact the insurance company and ask them directly if I am being followed? What’s your advice?

You could request your claim file for your records. Have you been asked to fill out any new activity tracker.

If you are followed by car go into a parkade-drive around and then drive out or drive around the block multiple times, or around a parking mall and see if the car is still following you.

If it is get the license plate and make a police report.

I guess, they should include it in your file if they have a surveillance on you.

It may be just your imagination. Me too quite often think that I am being followed. But then I realize that all this insurance stress creates some kind of surveillance paranoia and you always have to watch your back (unless I am being followed for real) :hushed:

Could you describe the situations and tactics you think they use?

Manulife had someone follow me and they even knocked on my door to see if I was home and asked for someone else’s name as if they had the wrong house. Then I saw the same guy 3/4 down my block sitting in a mini van a few hours later.
Next day same guy sitting infront of my home for hours in mini van. It was a rental cause I had my son go get the plate number.

Also if you get phone calls and asking for someone else to see if you are at home.

I thought surveillance would be more discreet. What’s the point for them to be visible?

Surveillance of they type you describe is very common especially in situations where a person has passed the 2 year point and is into the “any occupation” definition of total disability. This is because surveillance is one of the few things they can use to cut off payments if your medical situation and disability have otherwise been stable. If the insurance company sends you and “activities questionnnaire” by mail to fill out, you can pretty much guarantee you are under surveillance.

My advice is to act normally and just live your normal life. When filling out forms for your disabilities or symptoms give the most complete picture possible – this means you describe the good, the bad and the ugly. Don’t just describe the bad and ugly days. The surveillance reports and information should be in the claim file if your request it.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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