Anyone from Federal Government Canada? Do you know how DI works?

I have been trying to get EI from last 3 months then my employer told me to apply DI. My first application dined by the insurance company? I need your help please!

Talk to your union rep, they know how to deal with it.

I did but when I was sick I didn’t know that it will go through LTD after 13 weeks of elimination period. I thought I will be ok to back to work without rehabilitation. Do you know how the process works? You can send me personal message. Please help

I’ve gave you information on a different thread, try to keep the same threads when asking for info. The good thing is that you did go through the required 13 week elimination period, you wont have to do that again for the same disability. You needed then to apply for EI during the elimination period. You also would have used your short sick leave up. Going forward, you need to keep your file rolling and find the reasons why your Sunlife is not approving your claim. Then with the assistance of your doctor you can clarify their misunderstanding of your disability and how it applies to you not being able to work. Recall I mentioned RTW with accoms for a bit to show good faith that you were willing. You need a strong claim with valid disabilities and medical support to be successful. If you have a valid disability but not strong medical opinion either discuss with your doctor (sometimes they are not sympathetic nor knowledgeable about such processes and the need for stronger language pertinent to working) and if the doctor is not capable/willing to be more supportive of your claim get a new doctor - really! If you have strong support but are still being denied and you feel your disability is valid then call upon the lawyers. :slight_smile: good luck!

Your union rep should be able to help you with Sun Life.

jammer, i was replying to Sajshu12 not myself :slight_smile: :grinning:

I have been trying to contact my Union for last few weeks. Someone suppose to contact me but I didn’t receive any call.

My manager gave me advanced sick leave for 6 weeks and later on I realized that I should apply for EI so I requested them to reverse the advance sick leave. I just got my amended ROE. Hopefully, EI will be given even though it’s back pay. Thanks

Well, that’s going in a positive direction so now you can work on your medical side for more support. Good luck.

Send me a private message.

After reading your refusal letter, I had a concern regarding my Benefit Type: Long Term Disability.

The refusal letter that I received electronically from Insurance shows that my application type is Long Term Disability LTD. On the other hand, the documentation I received from my manager shows that Long Term Disability is for those employees who are not represented by the union. But I am so it should be DI and not LTD. Also, LTD is given by different insurance company for the people who are not represented by Union like managers.

Therefore, I am a bit confused. Can someone help please?

Can you contact HR to clarify what benefits you have and who you should be applying to?

@Caro I was hired from one section to other section in an acting position. I don’t have any idea about how to contact HR. I was given a compensation agent contact info for any kind of information.

I strongly believe my manager is part of the HR.

Ask your manager how to contact the benefits specialist in HR, or even just call the switchboard and ask for the HR department - that will get you to a wrong person who will know how to contact the right person.

Jeez. Okay final idea - ask the LTD insurance company who their contact at your workplace is. Or ask your boss in the old section who their contact in HR is.

Hi Caro,

Thanks, I will.

Union did not help me at all. I fought on my own for many months before I was approved. Employer and hr also not supportive. Please pm me, I would be glad to share what I learned from my ordeal.

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If you are unionized, SunLife is who you should be dealing with.

Thank you so much! I will PM you.